The French Connection

The French Connection

Stora scenen Speakers: Emilie Blézat,Laurent Duvault,Olivier Jalabert,Raphael Penasa,Sylvain Runberg

Drop-in Engelska Film / TV Gaming Nybörjarvänlig Övrigt Paneldiskussion Serier

Stora scenen

Emilie Blézat, Laurent Duvault, Olivier Jalabert, Raphael Penasa, Sylvain Runberg

This year at Nordsken, we have a very strong presence from France, a country with a very strong creative industry.

In this panel we will meet creators and business people from film, games and graphic novels, to talk about what makes the creative industry so strong in France – and what possibilities this offers for Swedish creators and companies.

Olivier Jalabert

Senior Editor, Dupuis

Raphael Penasa


Sylvain Runberg

Serieskapare och manusförfattare