The hateful seven – livepodd

The hateful seven – livepodd

Äventyrsscenen Speaker: Sweden rolls

Engelska Nybörjarvänlig Övrigt Poddcast


Sweden rolls

Sweden Rolls, the actual play podcast named as no 1 on ENworlds list of best RPG podcasts of 2021 comes to Nordsken to give a liveshow on Äventyrsscenen. On friday the 27th they will play the RPG Western IV, the highly acclaimed RPG by Åskfågeln. Game Master Andreas Lundström has written a very special scenario based loosely on Tarantino’s movie The Hateful Eight. You do not want to miss this one!

Game Master: Andreas Lundström
Players: Anneli Heed, Ingela Lundh and Mattias Redbo