What is an IP boutique?

What is an IP boutique?

Stora scenen Speakers: David Dusa,Emilie Blézat,Robert Bäckström,Sylvain Runberg

Drop-in Föreläsning Litteratur Nybörjarvänlig Övrigt Serier

Stora scenen

David Dusa, Emilie Blézat, Robert Bäckström, Sylvain Runberg

DARK RIVIERA is an IP boutique. An Intellectual Property generator focused on 360 international premium content. We create and produce books, graphic novels, TV series, films, games and more.

Meet the people behind this venture and learn the possibilities they bring to individual creators and as well as companies in the creative industry.

David Dusa

Writer and director

Sylvain Runberg

Serieskapare och manusförfattare