Become a crew!

The work for Nordsken 2023 is in full swing and now we are looking for you who want to volunteer at the event. Nordsken 2023 will be a little different: It will be smaller, different date than usual, free entry and different place – Sara cultural center! The event is planned for December 28-29.
New for this year is also that we do not have a project manager, but instead a board of 6 people who build the event
This means that the need for crew is significantly less this year and that are not as many categories.
We are looking for volunteers in these categories;
• Transport
• Construction/Demolition
• Info/Visitor hosts.
On the other hand, if you feel that you can contribute something at the event, maybe get a group of friends together and run a workshop for the visitors or similar, the opportunity may be there!
Please fill in the form regardless of whether you feel you fit into one of these groups or not.

Hope to hear from you!
Styrelsen Nordsken