Emilie Blezat

Emilie Blezat is Managing Director of Dark Riviera, and Intellectual Property company based in Sweden, focused on 360 international premium content. We create and produce books, graphic novels, TV series, films, games and more. Member of the International Academy of Televion Arts and Sciences, Emilie Blezat has been the founder and CEO of Studiocanal China (2014-2019), China Cultural Attachée for the French Government (2012-2014), and the has been a film and TV producer and creator for 20 years in Europe and China, working on films like Paddington, Non-Stop, Shaun the Sheep and Earlyman, with directors like Academy Award nominee Michael Roskam, Grace Jones, Birdy Nam Nam, Feng XiaoYue, Sophie Fiennes, Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker... She produced over 20 European feature films & documentaries, wrote TV series and distributed and licensed more than 600 films and IPs in China. Emilie is also a strategy consultant on media, culture and China working for the like Smithsonian Institute and Ubisoft. More here :