Ervin Rustemagić

Ervin Rustemagić is a legendary IP rights agent and publisher. In 1972 he founded Strip Art Features (SAF). SAF handles the IP rights of hundreds of graphic novels and characters. They are closely associated with Dark Horse Comics in the US, which publishes many of the European comics that SAF represents. Among the creators that Rustemagić has represented are Hermann Huppen and Joe Kubert, founder of The Kubert School. Originally based in Sarajevo, Rustemagić and SAF is located in Slovenia since the 1990s. During the Bosnian War, Rustemagić communicated via fax to business associates and artists, giving eyewitness accounts on the horrors of war and his family’s escape to safety. These fax messages were the basis for Joe Kubert’s award winning graphic novel Fax from Sarajevo.