Game designers and authors

Gunilla Jonsson & Michael Petersén

Gunilla Jonsson and Michael Petersén joined the same role-playing group in 1981, and that paved the road for a exciting future. Three years later, they wrote Mutant - a Swedish after-disaster game with mutated bears who took part in the Swedish role-playing wave. After the 80's with several adventures to Mutant and Drakar och Demoner as well as two role-playing games on their own publishers, they put together KULT, an occult horror role-playing game in the early 1990s that created a minor moral panic. Firmly rooted in the early 90's goth culture, KULT became popular in many parts of the world. Since then, the couple has devoted themselves to selling books in SF-Bokhandeln and writing single adventures and accessories for role-playing games. In 2012 they received their first role-play dragon award as a thanks for long and faithful service. In 2018 they made their debut as novelists with Döden är bara början (Death is just the beginning), which takes place in the same world as KULT (and the radio play De dödas röster, written by another Nordsken guest: Sara Bergmark Elfgren).