Game designer

Kristofer Stenskog

Kristofer Stenskog is a Skelleftå based game designer and producer. He runs the analog game studio Strangewood Studios and is currently launching Skellefteås first pen & paper RPG and at the same time Skellefteås first successful Kickstarter campaign. Aside from in-house boardgame and RPG projects, the studio is active in gamification and other media, as worldbuilding and mechanical consultants to mobile and computer game projects. Kristofer originates from Sundsvall, where he was an active part of the RPG, miniature game, and boardgame community since childhood. Kristofer moved to Skellefteå in 2007 to work in sales and team management. He started Strangewood Studios in 2013 with his partner Simon Nyström, and the studio operated from the local game store “Legend Spelbutik.” For a time he also took the role as the store manager for Legend. Today Kristofer runs Strangewood, while at the same time working as a game producer for Tarvalley.