Comics creator and writer

Sylvain Runberg

Sylvain Runberg, born 1971, grew up in the South of France. Sylvain ran a bookshop, and joined the Humanoïdes Associés before embarking on his writing career around 2002. His first book came out in 2004. He has since had more than 85 albums published by the leading francophone publishers (Dupuis, Dargaud, Le Lombard, Glénat, Futuropolis, Rue de Sèvre, Soleil, Delcourt, Hachette, Daniel Maghen ). His work has been translated into 22 languages with almost 1 million 500 000 books sold in total around the world, including Europe, Asia, South America and USA (with IDW publishing, Titan Comics, Lion Forge/Magnetic) Runberg has shown his talent for many different genres: science-fiction (On Mars, Orbital, Warship Jolly Roger, Drones, Kookaburra Universe); autobiographical chronicles (London Calling, Les Colocataires, Cases Blanches); political thriller (Infiltrés, Clivages); psychological crime stories (Face Cachée, Trahie); fantasy (Konungar, Le Rêgne, L’Ombre des Shinobis, Hammerfall, Reconquêtes);, supernatural stories (Les Chroniques d’Under York, Le Chant Des Runes, Les Carnets de Darwin) and the adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s bestseller Millennium (2013-2016) and the exclusive original sequel he wrote with “Millennium : The Girl Who Danced With Death” in 2018. He’s currently working on several comics book projects, continuations of ongoing series and new ones to be released, in France, Europe, USA and China, included adaptations from Robert E. Howard's "Conan". Sylvain runberg is also working on several future TV series projects including "Cryptid", a horror/thriller TV fiction that will be released on Viaplay in 2020 with a 10 episodes first season , produced by Dramacorps, based on a original idea by Sylvain Runberg and co-created with the movie/tv swedish director Daniel Di Grado and Young Adults swedish author Anna Jakobsson Lund.