Travel/Finding Nordsken

Nordsken 2023 is organized at Sara kulturhus.
The address is Kanalgatan 43b, 931 31 Skellefteå.

The culture house, SARA, is located in the center of Skellefteå. Parking is available throughout the center.

SAS, BRA and Ryanair has several departures per day to/from Skellefteå. Skellefteå Airport is about a 20-minute journey from Skellefteå. At the airport there are limited taxis ready so air taxis should be booked in advance.
Flygbussar operates the route and is matched to each departure.

You can find more information about bus traffic at: Länstrafiken in Västerbotten and Skellefteå bus.
Travelers on buses can get on get off at several stops in the center of Skellefteå or choose to go to Skellefteå bus station, approx. 200 meters from Sara cultural center.

Trains are booked at SJ or Norrtåg – but there are no passenger trains all the way into the city centre of Skellefteå. The nearest train stations are Bastuträsk and Jörn (both are about 50 km from Skellefteå), from there are bus connections to Skellefteå. It is also possible to go by train to, for example, Umeå and take a bus from there.
Airbus travelers arrive at Skellefteå bus station , approx. 200 meters from Sara cultural center.