Travel/Finding Nordsken

Nordsken is held at: Skellefteå Kraft Arena, Mossgatan 27.

Skellefteå Kraft Arena is located near the E4, follow the signs. There are plenty of parking space in connection to the arena.

SAS has several departures per day between Skellefteå and Arlanda.Skellefteå Airport is located about 20 minutes from Skellefteå by car.Buses from the airport are matched with each flight arrival. the closest bus stop to the event is Scandic Hotel, but it will also stop at other hotels around the city.

Unfortunately there are no passenger trains to Skellefteå. the nearest train station is Bastuträsk, from there you can take a bus to Skellefteå. Train is booked at Travelers by bus arrive at the bus station.

As a member of Sverok you can use SJ’s discount. booking is then done through this webpage.