Raphael Penasa

Raphael Penasa was the founder and creative producer of Fauns, an independent award-winning animation studio, for 10 years. 2 years ago, he sold it to AtlasV, an immersive group, renaming the company as Albyon. Since then he works as an independent development executive producer. He spent the last 2 years working on projects for Google, Sun Creature (EP on Splinter Cell for Netflix), and other companies (Noor, Worldcrunch). He works at the edge of narrative and innovation, focusing on new approaches for the market and how to develop new IPs learning from both the wins and fails over the years. Today, he focuses on live-action and animation tv series, video games (AA), and immersive projects. His latest productions are Battlescar (VR experience - 48 awards in 2 years) and Glimpse (VR experience - 13 selections and 3 prizes since the Mostra of Venice last year). Raphael works mostly with authors, directors, producers, and distributors, and offers support to the core team to keep the big picture, fit the scope (with ideas and talents), and define the overall budget. Raphael is currently developing the tv series Orbital, the VR game Amazing Monster! (produced by wowl and Small Studio), the next-gen game Robot+Butterfly, and a young-adult tv series of adventures and dark fantasy... And some others. But everything takes time as you know.

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