Nordsken is a meeting place for everyone who likes games, culture and creativity. A festival with creativity at the center where the participants are inspired, motivated and activated. Here you always feel at home, regardless of whether you work in the industry, are a gaming professional, an avid nerd, a beginner, veteran or just curious!

The biggest gaming event in northern Scandinavia!

This year we are once again filling the entire Skellefteå Kraft Arena to the limit woth games, culture and creativity. With roughly eight thousand square meters of activities, seven hundred computer seats and nearly twenty thousand visitors over three days, we are clearly the biggest gaming event in northern Scandinavia. Within the genre of speculative fiction, we are one of the biggest events in all of Europe.

Nordsken – A part of Arctic Game

Arctic Game Lab is a collaboration between Umeå, Skellefteå, Piteå, Luleå and Boden.
In this area there is about 75 game companies and studios and about 500 professionals working in this industry.

Since 2015 we have been building a strong games community to enable individuals and companies to thrive and grow, and now we are northern Europe’s fastest growing game cluster.
Arctic Game Week is an annual week of game-related events for those who work in the gaming industry, those who want to become part of the industry and for consumers
of games and game-related culture and Nordsken is a part of this.

We are streaming chosen events on Twitch

We are sending live from Nordsken so even if you don’t have the opportunity to attend you can still feel the excitement with us.

Arctic Game PitchDet Internationella investmentbolaget Globalt Top Round arrangerar en stor pitchtävling för spelbolag som vill hitta utgivare och finansiering. Under eventet kommer helt nya speltitlar visas upp och en jury bestående av internationella förlag och influencers tycker till om bidragen. Utöver pitchen som är fredagen den 27e maj så har de även med sig internationella…
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Cosplay SM Final 2022 – Den 27 maj på Nordsken I år arrangeras finalen av Cosplay-SM 2022 på Nordsken!  Fredagen den 27 maj kl 17.00 drar det igång på stora scenen i expohallen. Förbered dig på fantastiska dräkter skapade av oändligt fantasifulla och kreativa människor. Mer information hittar du här. Köp din biljett på www.Nordsken.se…
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Vi på Nordsken är extremt stolta över att få presentera årets guldsponsorer. Utan dem är Nordsken inte möjligt.  Boliden, Grumpy & Old, Sparbanken Nord
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How was Nordsken earlier years?

— see some short clips here!

This flashback video is made by one of our exhibitors, Goodbye Kansas, and shows the incredible breadth and fantastic atmosphere of Nordsken 2018. This year we are aiming even higher!

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