Nordskens vänner (Friends of Nordsken)

The Nordsken festival is organized by the non-profit association Nordskens vänner, which is a member of the gaming culture association SVEROK.

Nordsken’s founders Magnus Johansson (left) and Johan Linder (right) together with the chairman of the board Linn-Marie Edlund (centre).

Contact information board:
The board

Chairman: Christine Nilsson
Treasurer: Daniel Sjögren
Magnus Johansson
Pia Enroth
Jessika Lundman
Emma Ershag

Communicator: Therese Szanto
Sales Manager: Johan Linder

Nordskens vänner
The main purpose of the association is to organize the non-profit forces that want to help create northern Sweden’s largest festival on the theme of games, culture and creativity.
As part of building good cohesion, we also organize smaller events, workshops and meetings for our members.

The statutes of the organization is found here: Stadgar Nordskens vänner (In swedish)