About Nordsken


Nordsken is a celebration to peoples fantasy and ingenuity with focus on game, culture and creativity. It’s a including party where we make individuals wildest fantasies come true.

In the northern countries, Nordsken is unique in it’s own kind. No one else combines different types of culture in the way that Nordsken does. In the north of Sweden, Nordsken is the only big meeting place for this kind of culture. In 2018, Nordsken had 8 600 unique visitors which makes us the biggest gaming event in northern Scandinavia.

The first edition of Nordsken was arranged in the spring of 2012, the place at the time was Scandic Hotel in Skellefteå. At the beginning it was a relatively small event but the ambition has always been big. We have continuously been evolving the event to achieve a size where Nordsken has been a place where even renowned international performers sees it as an important place to visit. During the years where Nordsken has evolved, we also had to look over the premises and as a result of that we have now moved to the Skellefteå Kraft Arena. Here we use indoor areas corresponds to nearly 10 000 square meters. A part from that, we also use outdoor areas.

We want everyone to fell welcome at Nordsken! It’s a nice atmosphere between everyone and we are working hard to maintain it. We assume the Code of Conduct from The Swedish Gaming Federation (Sverok) for our ruling in E-Sport, cosplay and live role-playing. We work hard for the rules to be maintained with the help of education of everyone that work during Nordsken. Nordsken also work actively with inclusion, this work includes, among other things, targeted measures to make women as well as ethnic and other minorities feel safe and welcomed as well as working with organizations that work with peoples that has different types of functional variations.

We recommend you to read our rules if you want to know more about how you should behave at Nordsken to make everyone feel comfortable.


Nordsken is divided over five main areas:

  • Expo. In our expo hall there is 2000 square meters of exhibitors. Amongst the different stands, you’ll find exciting exhibitors from all over Europe.
    We always try to find more exhibitors that not only sell products but also activates/engages our visitors. In this hall you’ll also find our main stage where our most exciting competitions and lectures are displayed.
  • Boardgames in Scandic Skellefteås restaurant.
    Here we offer you a great variety of boardgames in various complexity and difficulty. Bring your friends, family or come by yourself and find new friends to play with!
    This area is available for everyone, even those without a Nordsken ticket.
    We would recommend trying out some of Scandics swedish “fika” while you are here!
  • Roleplay, Larpconstruction workshops & more!
    On the conferencefloor of Scandic Skellefteå there will be lots activities and rooms with various associations there to visit and participate in!
  • Cosplay.
    On Nordsken Halloween several cosplay competetion are arranged. From Cosplay Kids to the Master category for the really experienced cosplay practitioners. These competitions will take place during the saturday on the highest quality stage with a professional production! This year we are proud to host SM in cosplay (Swedish championship) on Nordsken!
  • Gaming & E-sport.
    In the gaming hall we got a huge area for all kinds of video games! PC, console, mobile, new and old!
    This year, on Nordsken Halloween we got an extra focus on fighting games and other multiplayer games which can be played on the same screen. For these games, small and big tournaments and competitions will be arranged each day, for anyone who wants to participate in. (Pre-registration might be required, to which you will find a link to here as soon as it’s available) In most cases on-site registration will be sufficient.
  • Arcade.
    Our arcade got a wide selection of over 40+ different flippers and arcade machines. All Nordskens paying guests can play free of charge, and there will be tournaments arranged for these as well.
  • Foodcourt & Larp area.
    A few hundred meteres away from the event, in center of skellefteå there will be an area for participating in a Larp, trying out combat with padded weapons and much more. Why not enjoy a warm glass of mead and roasted almonds in our Larp tipi tent!


Nordsken is arranged by the nonprofit SVEROK association Nordskens vänner (Friends of Nordsken). Nordsken works as a platform where other association, individuals and companies can show up and add content. This means that we are constantly changing.
This years main organizer of Nordsken is Maximilian Malander.
Email: maximilian@nordsken.se
Phone: 0704154925