About Nordsken

Nordsken is a festival for all ages with a focus on games, culture and creativity. A tribute to the imagination and ingenuity of people who want to activate their visitors and get them engaged in hobbies and leisure activities.

In the Nordic region, Nordsken is unique. No one else combines different forms of culture the way we do. Nordsken is the only meeting place of its kind in Scandinavia for this type of culture.

Nordsken is arranged annually and has at most attracted around 10,000 unique visitors, which makes us northern Scandinavia’s largest gaming, fantasy and geek event.

The first edition of Nordsken was arranged in the spring of 2012, the venue was then Scandic in Skellefteå. It was initially a relatively small event that built on a LAN created by Dreamhack – but we expanded the concept to also include analog games (board, figure and card games) and popular culture (film, comics, theatre, live, etc. ). We have always had big ambitions and over time the event has developed into a place that even well-known international players see as an important destination. In line with that development, other premises were required, from which we first changed to Skellefteå Kraft Arena and now to the newly built Sara cultural center, in the middle of Skellefteå centre.

At Nordsken, everyone should feel welcome! The goal is to create a pleasant atmosphere between everyone, and we work hard to create this.
Our regulations are created to create both safety and well-being, and there we start from Sverok’s Code of Conduct for, among other things, e-sports, cosplay and larp. We work hard to ensure that the rules are followed, including training those who work under Nordsken. Nordsken also works actively with inclusion in all its forms, this work includes, among other things, targeted measures to ensure the best possible conditions for equal treatment via equality, diversity and functional rights.

We recommend that you read our rules if you want find out more – and get advice on how you should behave yourself so that other visitors feel comfortable.

Nordsken is organized by the non-profit Swedish association Nordskens vänner. Nordsken functions as a platform where other associations, private individuals and companies can present themselves and add content. This means that we are constantly changing.