Nerd flea market / Merchant Street

Have you created something creative – or have used games, toys, books, comic books or anything else geeky gathering dust?
Take a seat at one of Nordsken’s auction tables (roughly 20 running meters) and sell it to one of our thousands of visitors!

Free table (drop-in/out) for those of you who want to sell your own creations or something (must be connected to games, culture and/or creativity) that is left over.
There are about twenty tables with associated chairs.

You may sell for a maximum of two hours straight.
Each table has a note where you enter the start and stop time (start time + 2 hours) for your seat, this so that those who want to take over the seat after you know when it becomes available.
When you’ve sat for two hours, you must pack up (but if there’s another vacant flea market table, you can move there).
First come. It is not possible to book in advance.

ATTENTION! We call this “nerd flea market” hoping you will sell hobby-related things.

Examples of good stuff to sell:

  • board games
  • books/comics
  • toys
  • arts and crafts
  • decorations or crafts
  • Pokemon/Magic cards
  • something you have done in the trade
  • play mats
  • Warhammer figures

Less good items:

  • winter tires
  • rya mats
  • porcelain figurines

May not be sold:

  • knives or other weapons/sharp objects
  • racist or otherwise offensive objects
  • snacks, sweets, food or drink (to not compete with the hotel’s café/restaurant(s).

Note: Nordsken reserves the right to stop the sale of inappropriate items that violate our or SARA’s rules or that we otherwise do not think fit into our festival.