Here you can sign up for various activities at Nordsken 2023.

Artist Alley

Show off your artistic flair or let items collecting dust bring joy to someone else. Do you want to exhibit your art at this year’s Nordsken? Artist Alley provides artists the opportunity to showcase their art to Nordsken’s visitors. And all styles are welcome! With your application, you provide additional information about the artworks.
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Merchant Street

Take a spot at one of Nordskens flea market tables (just over 20 meters) and sell to one of our thousands of visitors!
You are allowed to sell for a maximum of two consecutive hours.
Each table has a note where you write the start and stop time (start time + 2 hours) for your spot, so those who want to take over the spot after you know when it becomes available.
After sitting for two hours, you must pack up (but if there is another available flea market table, you can move there).
First come, first served. It is not possible to pre-book.
Read more here (only swedish at the moment).

Cosplay Kids Runway 29/1

🌈 Cosplay Runway: Toss your items onto the enchanting cosplay runway! Showcase your fantastic costumes, strike epic poses, and let your imagination soar.
🏆 Diplomas for Everyone: Every child is a winner! Receive a special diploma to honor your participation and creativity.
📸 Photo Booth: Capture the magic with professional photos in our whimsical photo booth. Create memories that last a lifetime!
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