Last update: 2021-06-16


  • Each paid entrance fee is valid for one (1) persons entry
  • Nordsken welcomes everybody and wants everyone to feel safe, be able to enjoy the festival and feel included.
  • Contact Nordskens Crew as soon as possible if you are subjected to harassment or in any way feel unsafe!
  • Keep your hands to yourself. It is never allowed to touch another person or their things without their prior consent.
  • Always ask for permission if you want to take a photo of someone! That person always has the right to refuse, and with their cooperation your picture has a far higher chance to turn out well.
  • Wristband or stamp must be shown to the security staff each time you enter the venue. Any attempt to cheat the wristband or stamps will be reported to the police on the spot.
  • Nordsken reserves the right to confiscate things that are considered dangerous, causing disturbances, or require too much electricity.
  • Paid participant and membership fees and/or computer seat is not refundable, regardless of reason.
  • If the event should for any reason be cancelled your booking is instead valid at the next Nordsken.
  • Each registered user at is required to register with the correct personal information.
  • Any cancelled or changed events or presentations or such does not entitle you to any kind of compensation or refund.
  • The personal information you entered when registering is stored and handled using computer technology by the organizers of Nordsken, who are responsible for its usage. When you reserve a spot at Nordsken some of this information may become public on alongside your chosen spot. By agreeing to these terms you consent to the usage of your personal information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Participation in the game festival Nordsken is done at your own risk.
  • The organizers of Nordsken are not responsible for the participants personal belongings. Don’t leave valuable things unattended!
    Nordsken takes no responsibility for the visitors’ and participant’s belonings or valuables that has been left in the coat room.
  • Each participant shall keep Nordsken free from indemnity. which means that if a participant intentionally dirties, destroys or in any way cause any extra costs for the organizers, the participant has to pay those costs. In the case if minors their guardians are responsible for any costs.


  • The receiver of any prizes is the individual or company who registered for that specific tournament and won.
  • Competition prizes must be claimed within 30 days after the event has ended. this is easiest done by claiming it at the venue it before the event ends.
  • Prize money are paid within 90 days after the event.
  • All prize money are paid in Swedish krona (SEK)
  • Prize money is only exempt from taxes and social fees if the winner is an association or a company.
  • Individuals receive the money as salary, in accordance with Swedish tax laws. Nordsken Handlingskarft AB must therefore subtract both taxes and social fees from the amount won before the money is transferred to an individual.


  • Invoices are sent to:
  • Nordsken Handlingskraft AB, Storgatan 53, 931 30 Skellefteå
  • VAT-number SE559053562001
  • VAT-number should be clearly visible on the invoice
  • Last payment date should be 90 days after the event.
  • The invoice should be marked with: Nordsken 2019, name of tournament, and your placement.
  • The currency should be Swedish krona (SEK)
  • The invoice should contain necessary bank informmation including IBAN & SWIFT/BIC


  • The Swedish tax agency will consider your winnings as salary from work
  • Nordsken Handlingskraft AB must therefore subtract social fees and taxes from the prize money before we tansfer them.
  • Mail the following information:
  • Full name, Swedish personal number, phone number, E-mail, home adress, name of your bank, clearingnumber, accountnumber.


  • It is not allowed to hang or in any way place clothes on powernodes or such. Neither is it allowed to hang anything on the network and powercables running between the rows of tables.
  • Open flames (candles, lighters, camping stove or other) are not allowed indoors. Smoking is not allowed indors, this also applies do electric cigarettes. Smoking is only allowed at designated locations.
  • It is not allowed to bring a kickbike, skateboard or such indoors at Nordsken.
  • Loitering is forbidden. Throw trash in trashcans placed around the venue
  • It is forbidden to bring laser pointers into Nordsken. Usage of a laser pointer will result in the offender immediately having their wristband being cut and then dismissed from the event.


  • Alcohol and drugs of other kinds do not belong at Nordsken and is not allowed anywhere on the venues, including the sleeping accommodations. Drunk and/or otherwise noticeably intoxicated people are not permitted entry. Bothersome people will be dismissed from the festival.
  • Each person may only use one chair by their seat. It is not allowed to stack two chairs on top of each other to make the seat higher.
  • It is not allowed to move tables, build your own tables or modify existing tables.
  • Nordsken has no age limit, but participants less than 18 years require the permission of their guardian to participate. The guardian has to be informed of and accept all of Nordsken’s rules.
  • Violation of Swedish laws may be reported to the police accompanied by immediate dismissal from the area while waiting for the police. Nordsken’s staff has the statutory right to arrest people who commit crimes on the venue.
  • It is not allowed to sell anything at Nordsken without the permission from the organizers of Nordsken.
  • Putting up posters, stickers or in other ways spreading advertisement, propaganda or similar messages within the festival area is not allowed without special permission from the organizers of Nordsken.
  • You must continually clean your spot (put trash and recyclables in their respective bins). Before you leave the hall you bring the trash at your spot and leave these in the bins places for these purposes. Contents of the deposit can container is the property of Nordsken.
  • The staff at Nordsken has the right to set up network cameras for publication on the web and to supervise the emergency exits and expo. Nordsken also has the right to take Photo’s inside and outside of nordsken. the organizers then have the right to during marketing (in printed form and on the web) use video’s or photo’s without further consent from participants who eventually becomes caught on them.
  • Nordsken have the right to change usernames or team names that are deemed offensive.