Sylvain Runberg

Born 1971, Sylvain Runberg grew up in Provence (France) and now lives in Sweden. With a master degree in Political History he started his career in the publishing industry before writing graphic novels. His first book came out in 2004. He has since published more than 100 graphic novels, published in 25 countries, creating his own IPs from fantasy, science fiction to thriller, horror and supernatural drama while working on others, known worldwide ("Wonder Woman", "Millennium", "Watchdog Legions", " Liu Cixin Universe" etc...) He is at the origin of the TV serie "Cryptid" (2020 Cannes TV festival official selection) for Viaplay and is currently working on several other TV series, graphic novels and video games projects. Sylvain Runberg is also the co-founder of Dark Riviera, a Stockholm based intellectual property generator for television, graphic novels and video games