Data protection – GDPR

Nordsken, through the association Nordskens Vänner, will treat personal data an accordance with the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR).

  • We only use the information for the purposes we have specified. (purpose limitation).
  • We do not collect information which is not neccessary for the porposes we have specified. (information minimization).
  • We clearly communicate how personal information is collected, stored and used and make sure that all involved parties rights are applied (openness).
  • We make sure that treatment of personal information is traceable and that our staff handling personal information are responsible for its treatment. (accountability)
  • We make sure that personal information is available in which ways we specified (availability).
  • We make sure that our carelessness or intent does not cause personal information to be deleted or changed (integrity).
  • We make sure that personal information is handled confidentially (confidentiality).

A large part of the handling of personal information done by Nordsken is done on the basis of agreement.

In other cases our handling of personal information is based on consent. by contacting us you agree to us handling the personal information about you that is required for us to take the neccessary actions related to the purpose of you contacting us. You have the right to recall your consent at any time.

The kind of information we need to keep at hand is usually:

  • Name,
  • E-mail adress,
  • National registration adress,
  • Telephone number,
  • Personal code number

If you have any questions or if you oppose to us handling your personal information you are always welcome to contact us at

You can also contact Integritesskyddssmyndigheten (formerly datainspektionen) if you have any objections about how your personal information is handled, at